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Brass Band

Brass Band

The Brass Band Club is an avenue for Yuhualites to explore and build on their interest in music. Besides playing music, Yuhualites are also given opportunities to develop their leadership skills and teamwork. Band members are taught the technical skills to play musical pieces of a wide range of repertoire, including local and regional songs. Our learning focus is on the technique of buzzing, music theory and various rhythmic patterns. Members constantly strive to improve their skills and techniques from our instructors as well as guest instructors from other countries.


There are opportunities for band members to showcase their talents such as performances in school events like the Annual Prize-Giving Day and National Day Celebrations. Our Brass Band puts up public performances in the community such the Pioneer Generation Party.  It was a great opportunity for our band members to interact with our Pioneers and show appreciation to them.


Mrs Yang-Gay Bee Hong –

Mr Mohamed Nazra Mohamed Said –

Ms Vikneswari Sukumaran –

Ms Melody Peh –



Tuesdays, 8.00am to 9.30am, Band Room

Wednesdays, 2.15pm to 4.15pm, Band Room

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