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The Yuhua Primary Football CCA programme seeks to equip pupils with basic football skills and concepts such as passing, dribbling, shooting, turning, supporting team play and making use of space. It develops pupils’ social emotional competencies and provide an avenue to inculcate our school values.

The Football CCA comprises of junior tem players and school team players. The two groups go through a different training programme which is progressive and allowing the new members to learn the basics and develop the potential of the skilful players.

The Club aimed to produce all-round individuals who have skilful players, good decision makers, creative problem solvers and risk takers.

The pupils gain game exposure by taking part in friendly matches with other school teams, FAS age group carnivals and the Inter Primary Schools Football Championship.


Mr Noor Faisal –

Ms Siti Ashyura  –

Mr Nizam Nurrahim –


Tuesdays, 8.00am to 9.30am, School Field


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