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Highlights for 2015

Young Farmer’s Project

Young Padi Farmers Project is a collaboration between the school and Science Centre Singapore (SCS). 40 pupils from Primary 4 are involved in the cultivation of rice at the SCS. They go to the SCS to tend to their ‘rice farm’ weekly. Parent volunteers are also present to assist pupils in their hands-on activities.

This project provides opportunities for pupils to understand and create awareness of environmental sustainability through the rice cultivation experience.  During the cultivation stages, pupils will be involved in decision-making and problem-solving processes that will encourage critical and creative thinking. Pupils can begin to harvest their rice in October and they will also come up with ways rice is used as a form of food.

P1/P5 Buddy Programme

In 2015, we welcome the youngest members of Yuhua Primary School to join the big Yuhua family.  As the school goes into single session this year, some changes have been made and one of them is the P1 Buddy programme. The P1 Buddy Programme is one of the many platforms where the senior Yuhualites show the junior Yuhualites the value of care in our school.

This year, as the P5 Yuhualites share the same recess timing as the P1 Yuhualites, we initiated the Class Buddy System where each P1 pupil is assigned to 1 P5 buddy. Throughout the duration of 2 weeks, P5 Yuhualites spent time eating together with their buddies, introduced them to the routines in the school, taught them to manage their time well during recess and accompanied them to explore the school compound.  We saw how the P5 pupils shouldered the responsibility to be the senior Yuhualite from the way they showered care and concern for the younger buddies. It was evident from the way they treated the P1s as their younger siblings that the P5 Yuhualites have taken it upon themselves to take care of them.

The spirit of “Once a Buddy, Always a Buddy” lies within them and even though the P1 buddy programme has ended it is not hard to find the P5 buddies enjoying recess together with their P1 buddies. A wondrous way to start the year don’t you think?

tn-2015_buddyprogramme_007-jpg-mid tn-2015_buddyprogramme_011-jpg-mid

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight 2015 was held in Term 1 week 6 and 7 from 9 Feb to 17 Feb 2015.  Many Chinese, Malay and Tamil Languages activities were held by levels during this fortnight.  A variety of activities relating to language and culture was conducted. These activities provide authentic opportunities for pupils to use their mother tongue languages and experience the culture.

Pupils were able to understand and appreciate their culture and Art better. Pupils were engaged in hands on sessions which include making dumplings, paper cuttings, and introduction to food and costumes of different ethnic groups.

Pupils also participated actively and enthusiastically in the Learning Journeys and activities held during the MTL Fortnight. The MTL fortnight activities provided pupils with enriching experiences as they went on learning journeys to various places such as Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre and Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall. Pupils enjoyed these activities as they learnt many new vocabulary words in a fun way.

tn-primary-3-pupils-showcasing-their-skills-playing-the-saron-jpg-mid tn-2015_mt-fortnight_p2-paper-cutting_001-jpg-mid

Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day was commemorated in schools on the 13 February this year. Total Defence Day falls on 15 February and it marks the British surrender of Singapore to the Japanese during World War 2. This annual event reminds us that the task of building and defending a nation is not easy, and that we must continue to work together to preserve our security, stability and prosperity.

We must remember that the responsibility of defending Singapore lies not just with the Singapore Armed Forces but also with each and every Singaporean. With this in mind, activities were planned for Yuhualites to experience, reflect and contribute to defending Singapore. One of the highlights was the ‘Stop! Drop and Roll!’ game where Yuhualites learnt how to deal with emergencies like extinguishing fires on their bodies.

A pledge card booth where Yuhualites pledged to help and contribute to Total Defence was set up at the Foyer. We help to remind each other to play our part in Total Defence because Singapore is our home, and is worth defending.

tn-2015_tdd_005-jpg-mid tn-2015_tdd_007-jpg-mid

Green Movement

Tree planting campaigns are one of the many activities that Singaporeans adopt to care for environment. Tree planting serves as a reminder that the rainforest around the world is shrinking and getting destroyed and we should do our part to stop it by doing more recycling and also by creating more green spaces.

On Saturday morning, 14 February 2014, teachers and a group of CCA leaders had attended a Tree planting ceremony at Windsor Nature Park situated at Venus Drive by National Parks Board.

The Npark officers demonstrated to them on how to go about planting the tree using the correct technique and tools. They were divided into groups and used tools like gloves and mini changkols to plant the tree and bury the bottom portion of it with sufficient soil. It was an eventful day and an enlightening experience and they even managed to take a group hoto with the Guest of Honour, Mr Desmond Lee, Minister of State for National Development.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

The Chinese New Year celebration took place in the school hall on the 18th of February 2015. Pupils gathered at the school hall to celebrate the festive season with wonderful performances put up by pupils and parent volunteers. There were performances by Brass Band, Angklung assemble, Primary 2 pupils, the Chinese Dance group, our friends from PCF Little Wings, parent volunteers, the lion dance team and choir. The pupils learnt about the practices during Chinese New Year and took time to appreciate the rich culture of our Chinese friends. There were also sing along sessions in which all we sang our hearts out! What a joyous occasion!

Annual Athletic Meet

As part of the school’s SG50 celebrative events, all the spectators were all hyped up to complete their 1km walk around the stadium upon reaching.  The number of spectators for this year is in fact the largest and the crowd definitely filled up the stands!

With a packed gallery cheering on for their respective house runners and the competitors giving their best, one could easily have imagined that it was an actual Olympic event!

The Olympic Values definitely were much emphasised throughout the meet and also in the house practises leading to the AAM. In fact, the Guest-of-Honour, Mr C Kunalan, also paid tribute to the values and motivated the school to do their best.

The Annual Athletic Meet 2015 ended with the Harmonious Contributors winning both the Champion House and Cheering Competition.

P5 Camp

The P5 Camp was held at MOE Dairy Farm Adventure Centre on 19th to 21st March. The campers demonstrated the school values of responsibility, care and resilience as they went through various physically and mentally challenging task. A special feature of this year’s camp was pupils had to work in groups of threes to complete a series of high rope activities. This experience brought out the best in the team members as they encouraged, supported and helped one another in the dramatic journey in the air.

P1 Learning Journey to the Zoo

On Friday, 27 March 2015, around 200 pupils from the Primary One went to the zoo for their Learning Journey with their Form Teachers. The pupils walked around the zoo, armed with their learning sheets and pencils, eagerly listening to information and writing down the newly-acquired information.

P2 Learning Journey to the Science Centre

The Primary Two pupils went out for their Learning Journey to the science centre.

During the trip, the pupils had the opportunity to explore the interactive exhibits on display. They learnt more about the environment around them in the Climate Change section. Many pupils also enjoyed looking at the fish in the Marine Alcove.

At the Scientist-for-a-Day section, pupils had the opportunity to learn and experiment about Magnets, Sound and Electricity. They also learnt more about how scientists carried out their experiments.

The insects and animals at the Live Animal exhibit thrilled many pupils who were capturing photographs of the chicks and hissing cockroaches with their ipads. They were using these photographs for their group presentation when they returned to class.

At the end of the trip, the pupils were treated to a spectacular display of high voltage electricity in the Tesla coil demonstration. It was a indeed a day of fun and learning for the Primary Two pupils.

P4 Learning Journey to Chinatown

Primary 4 pupils embarked on their learning journey to Chinatown on the 2nd April 2015. Chinatown is culturally rich with heritage where pupils get to learn and understand traditions, cultures and see buildings or monuments from the four races we have in Singapore.

The learning journey included walking through Sago Street, Temple Street and Pagoda Street. In addition, pupils visited Sri Mariamman Temple and Jamae Chulia Mosque to understand and appreciate the places of worship for the Hindus and Muslims in Chinatown respectively.

It was an eye opener for the pupils to visit the Chinatown Wet Market and a Chinese Medical Hall where they witnessed the sale of exotic animals like turtles and dried seahorse. At old Nankin Street, pupils saw statues of Coolies and Samsui women, our early settlers in Chinatown. They read about the living conditions of the Chinese immigrants, their places of origin and the hard work they have contributed to Singapore.

It was indeed a meaningful trip for the pupils as they had certainly learnt much more about our rich cultural heritage.

Annual Speech and Prize Giving Day

The school’s 32nd Annual Speech and Prize-Giving Day took place on 24 April, Friday. The theme, Shining from the Heart, added a new meaning to the ceremony. 157 Yuhualites, including graduated pupils from the primary 6 classes of 2014, were presented awards for their achievement in the previous academic year. It was their day to shine and the school was happy celebrating the fruit of their labour with them. But that wasn’t all. All prize recipients learnt yet another important lesson that day. They learnt to appreciate; they learnt to thank.

As a gesture of their gratitude to the support and love from their parents and teachers, each prize recipient presented a thank-you card (with their personal handwritten message) and a heart-shaped balloon to the people who have helped them reached their goals. This simple act was performed in the midst of the song ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ sung by Aqilah (4D) and Adrian (5C), and accompanied by Mr Musa (HOD Aesthetic) on the guitar. The moment was moving and heartwarming. While pupils gained recognition and encouragement on their achievements, they must remember in their hearts,  the people who have rendered them unconditional love and contributed to their success. This is ‘appreciation’.

Environment Education Programme – Earth Day

This year our Earth Day activities are conducted from 22 April to 29 April. An Assembly talk on Recycling and Climate Change was conducted for all levels to create awareness of protecting our Mother Earth. Pupils from P1 to P6 are involved in differentiated activities to create awareness of protecting our Mother Earth.

P1 pupils get familiarise with 3R through colouring the logo and P2 pupils make pinwheels using recycled materials. Our P3 to P4 pupils have to pledge their love for Mother Nature through putting their thumbprint on Mother Earth. In addition, our P5 pupils hold class discussions on ‘Water Is Precious’ and presented their views to suggest ways to reduce, reuse and recycle water. P5 and P6 pupils write messages to show their appreciation towards Mother Nature.

Our parent volunteers are on hand to assist at the school-based exhibition booths to educate our pupils on environmental education. Besides, a monthly 3R time will be conducted during recess to engage pupils in recycling activities.

Parent-Child-Teacher Conference

PCTC is one of Yuhua Primary School’s efforts to build a strong partnership between parents and teachers. It seeks to improve the collaborative efforts to ensure every pupil’s success in school, ensuring a positive quality school experience. The school dedicated two days for such meetings: 27 March 2015 for Primary 3 to 6 and 29 May 2015 for Primary 1 to 2. A platform for pupils to share with their parents about their experiences, challenges and strengths, they were given the ‘airtime’ to be heard. It was a good opportunity for them to be confident too.

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