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Highlights for 2016

Annual Athletic Meet

Having gone through 4 House Practices and the Heats, the Finals of the Annual Athletic Meet proved to be an electrifying event which bonded members of each of the 5 Houses. It was a full house event with spectators and competitors filling the air with their excitement. The cheers were deafening and the spectators were wonderful as they applauded enthusiastically the efforts of the athletes.  Our Guest-of-Honour was Mr Lieu Teck Hua who represented Singapore for many Para Games. He participated in our mass walk-a-jog and the 4 x 100m Teachers Relay.  His presence and participation was an inspiration to our pupils.

Prior to the Finals, the PE teachers had gone through 2 classroom-based lessons on sportsmanship for participants and spectators to help better understand and demonstrate sportsmanship.  It was indeed gratifying to see pupils, both participants and spectators, displaying sporting behaviour at the Finals.

This year was slightly different as the Respectful Communicators emerged as the Champion House 2016.  Harmonious Contributors won the Most Inspiring Cheer Award and Most Creative Choreography Award and was the overall champion In the Cheering Competition. Respectful Communicators won the Best Costume Award.

Yuhua Music Garden

The Yuhua Music Garden is an extension of the school’s effort in promoting Music as an area of excellence. It is a place where pupils learn, think and innovate. The garden provides Yuhualites with an outdoor experiential learning area, where pupils are able to enhance the learning of music through self-exploration.

This open space houses unique and varied instruments ranging from the low bass to the high notes of the soprano which provide opportunities for pupils to create their own music composition beyond the classroom, enabling them to explore and learn in a fun, meaningful and interactive way. When played together, the instruments allow for free expression and creativity. The resonating tones strikes the hearts of many and transcends age, gender and ethnicity.

The low tones of the Contrabass Chimes provide a rich bass for the alto and soprano instruments like the melodious Manta Ray and Swirl. The Tuned Drums and Flying Armadinda provide rich rhythms that guide the whole ensemble into one unified performance. The music garden is a fun and engaging musical experience for anyone!

Aesthetics Night

The Aesthetics Night 2016 is a biennial event organised for our pupils in the Performing Arts CCA groups to present their Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation pieces to their parents. It is also an opportunity for the school to express appreciation to the pupils’ parents for their unstinting support and encouragement in our preparation for the SYF Arts Presentation.

Many parents were filled with pride as they watched their children showcasing their talents after months of hard work.  The intimate atmosphere provided our pupils with the opportunity to show their growth as they develop themselves as musicians and dancers making music together in harmony.

Singapore Youth Festival

The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) is a biennial event organised by the Ministry of Education to celebrate the diverse arts talents of our youths in their co-curricular activities (CCA).

This year, our school performing arts group namely, the Angklung, Brass Band, Choir and Chinese Dance participated in it. The SYF Arts Presentation for the different groups were held from 29 March to 20 April 2016. Preparations for the Arts Presentation started as early as Nov 2014. Our pupils worked tirelessly during the school terms and even came back for extra practices during the school holidays. With much encouragement and support from the teachers and instructors, the pupils persevered on. Such rigour helped to build their character as they learnt the values of resilience, harmony and responsibility.

The Angklung, Brass Band and Chinese Dance groups were awarded the Certificate of Accomplishment and the school Choir was awarded the Certificate of Commendation.

P1 Inter-Disciplinary Learning Trail at Singapore Zoo

On 4 April 2016, our school organised an Outdoor Learning Trail for our Primary 1 pupils at Singapore Zoo. This trail was specially tailored to engage our pupils in experiential learning through exploring and discovering the world of animals and nature. The trail also allowed the stories that were read during class lessons, come alive. The pupils were also exposed to Science knowledge about animals and plants during the trail. They learnt to show care and respect for nature and the environment around them.

All the pupils were very excited and observed the animals carefully in order to complete the tasks given to them. With the help of our caring teachers and helpful parents volunteers, the pupils were able to complete the tasks without much difficulty. The highlights of the trail were definitely the two animal shows. In the first show Splash Safari, the pupils had the chance to see the different marine animals from around the world. They also learnt more about coastal conservation. The other show that kept the children thrilled was the performance by the majestic elephants. In this performance, the elephants displayed their strength and intelligence and they definitely captured the hearts of our pupils. Even though the pupils were splashed with water by the elephants, none of them minded that at all. They were thrilled as they got up close to the elephants. It was definitely an enjoyable and memorable trip for our young Yuhualites.

P3 Learning Journey

our P3 pupils went on a Learning Journey to the Central Catchment Nature Reserve and MacRitchie Reservoir Park on the 18th and 19th May. For many of them, the walk along the Petai Trail was their first in a rainforest. They learned the importance of the nature reserve and discovered trees such as Petai Trees and Cheng Tng Trees.

Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery at the reservoir, they learned more about water conservation and were challenged to change their daily habits, making a conscientious effort to use water wisely.

In addition, many shared that they were more aware of trail etiquette and put in efforts to care for the environment by not littering or removing any plants parts from the nature reserve.

P5 Camp

The P5 Camp was held from 17th to 19th March at MOE Changi Coast Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre. The camp provided opportunities for our P5 pupils to develop their social emotional competencies and to put their school values and leadership skills into actions. The campers have shown resilience and courage when overcoming physical challenges such as the Ropes Course. A special highlight to this year’s Camp was the Learning Journey to Changi Point. The campers enjoyed beautiful scenery as they walked along Changi Coastal Walk. They learned about the cultural and historical significance of Changi Point.

During the camp fire, the pupils demonstrated their talents and teamwork when they put up very entertaining performances. It was indeed an enriching and memorable experience for all!

Readerpillars- Books that grow on pillars

Ever heard of Readerpillars? Yes, our pillars are readable! This was an innovative project by our PSG to support the Environmental Education Programme. The PSG have strung donated story books around the pillars in our school canteen. Our pupils can read these books any time during recess or before/after school hours. Now. There really is no excuse not to read!

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