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Our Aesthetics programme aims to provide opportunities for Yuhualites to understand and appreciate the various genres of Music and Visual Art, and for them to express themselves creatively. Through the Aesthetics programme, Yuhualites are able to develop their interests and nurture their talents in the visual and the performing arts.

The school recognises the potential of Arts education in building good character and nurturing 21st century competencies in our pupils. To achieve this, the Aesthetics programme has in place practices that leverages on strong pupil-centric orientation and provides opportunities for greater pupil ownership in making creative decisions as they express themselves through music-composition and art-making.

To deliver our Aesthetics programme, the school adopts a 3-tier approach of Engage, Enrich and Excel.

3-Tier Approach Curriculum / Platforms for Practice P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6
Engage Music Curriculum General Music Programme – Singing a repertoire of songs, Learning of music concepts, Playing music instruments
  Music for Innovation and Creativity (MIC) Music for Innovation and Creativity (MIC)

Keyboard Programme

International Percussion Instruments

Music Theory (ABRSM)

Recorder Playing

Music Theory (ABRSM)

Music-Composing with GarageBandTM

SG50 Lessons

Project Work

Graduation Party Class Performance

Art Curriculum Artmaking & Art Discussion(Drawing, Painting, Collage, Printmaking, Sculpture, assemblage, Design, Digital Media)
      Caricature Art The HeArt of Spore River Mosaic Art Sand Animation

Final Year Art Project

PAL Creative Music and Movement

Doodle Art

Ethnic Music and Dance        
Assembly Programmes AEP Programmes (one per semester), Chingay presentation
ENRICH Arts Festival A week-long festival to showcase, present and celebrate the various forms of visual and performing arts
Recess Showcase Open performances by classes during the recess period
Sand Animation presentation by selected P6 pupils
NE Commemorative Events Racial Harmony Day, International Friendship Day and National Day celebrations
School Events Term 1 – Chinese New Year Concert
Term 2 – Annual Speech & Prize Giving Day
Term 3 – Teachers’ Day concert
Term 4 – Children’s Day concert
External Performances     Yuhua CC – Mid-Autumn Festival, CNY Mega Toss, Family Day
Invitational presentations
Specific Developmental programmes   P2 Music Enrichment (Brass Band Preparatory prog)

Choir Preparatory

Art Club CCA
EXCEL Performing Arts CCA     SYF – Brass Band, Choir, Angklung Ensemble, Chinese Dance
Little Artist Club     SYF (Art)
National Art Competitions
International Competitions/ Exchange Programme       Singapore International Choir Festival


Our Music Programme

‘Developing Interest and Talents in Music and the Performing Arts’ is one of our four Strategic Thrusts as we recognise the importance of music in nurturing a well-rounded individual and the opportunities that Music curriculum can provide in preparing Yuhualites for life. The school’s strong Music programme has provided the foundation for our Brass Band to attain our PSE status since 2011. Over the years, our other Performing Arts CCAs which include Chinese Dance, Choir and Angklung Ensemble also provided strong platforms for pupils to develop their interests and showcase their talents in these areas. In 2014, our Music and Performing Arts programme was awarded the recognition by MOE as a Distinctive Programme under the Learning for Life Programme (LLP).

The objectives of the school’s Music programme are:

  • Pupils to be able to understand music concepts, and be able to create and improvise music; and
  • Pupils to be able to discern and appreciate music of different cultures and genres.

Apart from developing skills, interest and talents of Yuhualites, our Music programme, supported by the Performing Arts programme, also focuses on building good character in our pupils and nurturing the 21st century competencies. To achieve this, the Music programme together with the Performing Arts programmes have in place practices that leverage on strong pupil-centric orientation and encourage critical and creative thinking. The four practices are:

  • Enhancing pupils’ musical understanding through creative and collaborative work
  • Empowering pupils through creative and collaborative composition
  • Developing pupils’ critical thinking through music-making
  • Nurturing pupils’ sense of citizenship through active community engagement

School-based Music Programmes

In customising the Music programme to inspire Yuhualites to explore their talents in music and encourage them to express themselves confidently through music, the school has put in place unique school-based programmes, namely:

  • Keyboard Playing Programme (Primary 2)
  • International Percussion Instruments Playing (Primary 3)
  • Violin Enrichment (Primary 3 and Primary 4)
  • Music Theory Grade 1 ABRSM (Primary 3 and Primary 4)
  • Recorder playing (Primary 4)
  • Grooving with Ukulele (Primary 4)
  • Music Composing with GarageBandTM (Primary 5)
  • Music Composition using Instruments (Primary 6)
  • Termly Music Recess Showcase (All levels)
  • Arts Festival (All levels)

Our Visual Art Programme

The objectives of the school’s Visual Art programmes are to:

  • Develop sensory awareness and imagination
  • Acquire skills that enable them to describe and interpret artworks
  • Create artworks to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings
  • Understand and value the art from variety of cultures and contexts

For Primary 1 and Primary 2, the Visual Art Programme focuses on the fundamentals of art techniques (drawing lines and shapes, and exploring colours). Yuhualites are provided with hands-on, experiential aspects of art where they get to ‘play’ and ‘explore’ different art media and art elements. For Primary 3 and Primary 4, pupils are ready to progress deeper in various art forms and media. Pupils are introduced to caricature drawing as well as using ICT as a platform to create artwork, for example. At the Primary 5 and Primary 6, pupils are able to consolidate the art knowledge, skills and values and are provided with more opportunities to develop skills like visual inquiry, research and processing as well as communication during Art lessons.

At all the levels, the Visual Art Programme aims to achieve the key learning outcomes through the framework of “Seeing”, “Expressing” and “Appreciating”. Through the Visual Art Programme, the school hopes to nurture Yuhualites who are visually literate and are able to appreciate art in the various forms.

School-based Visual Art Programmes

  • Caricature Drawing
  • Sand Animation
  • Little Artist Club
  • Arts Festival

Arts Festival

Paper Cut Animation

3D GooglePen

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