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Co-Curricular Activities


The CCA Programme provides students with a platform to discover their interests and talents. CCA can instil in the individual a life-long love for a particular activity, be it a sport or a musical pursuit. This helps the individual to lead a balanced life in adulthood.

The CCA programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Teach knowledge and skills relevant to the CCA
  • Inculcate values and desirable social attitudes in all pupils; and
  • Provide healthy recreational activities

The learning outcomes for CCA are as follows:
Students will develop and demonstrate:

  • Passion
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Friendship and belonging
  • Spirit of service to the community
  • Knowledge, skills and values related to their chosen CCA
  • Core values, social and emotional competencies and the emerging 21st century competencies as articulated
    in the 21st Century Competencies Framework

To achieve this, we have 4 categories of CCAs for the pupils to choose from:

  • Sports & Games
    Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Netball, Volleyball
  • Clubs & Societies
    Art Club, Chess Club, ICT Club, Pre-Teen Adventure Club, Speech & Drama Club
  • Performing Arts
    Angklung Ensemble, Brass Band, Choir, Chinese Dance
  • Uniformed Groups

Participation in CCA

CCA is an integral part of our education system. Every pupil from P3 to P6 is encouraged to participate in one CCA

Pupils who display talents in a particular CCA are strongly encouraged to remain in the same CCA from year to year so that he can have the opportunities to develop his talent and excel through participation in inter-school competitions.

Some CCAs require a longer period for pupils to acquire knowledge and skills. Pupils who join these CCAs will have to continue with the same CCA for more than a year. These CCAs include the Performing Arts CCA..

There are pupils who may not be expected to continue with the same CCA from year to year and therefore, they have the choice to explore another CCA. This broader exposure to different CCAs provides opportunities for these pupils to discover his interest and talent.

CCA Practices and Meetings

Pupils have CCA Practice/Meeting once a week for about two hours on Tuesdays either from 2.15pm to 4.15pm or from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. For some CCAs which require more practices to develop competency in skills or to prepare for competitions, pupils have to attend practices twice a week. The second practice is on Thursdays at 3.30pm after supplementary and remedial lessons. CCA are conducted in the school.

CCA practices/meetings will stand down 2 weeks before the examinations and resume after the examinations.

CCA Recruitment

There is a CCA Recruitment Day in January for pupils will to find out more about the various CCAs, select their choice and register online.

The school will try to assign the CCAs according to pupils’ preference. However, there may be instances when pupils may not be assigned their first choice CCA if it is over-subscribed. In such cases, they will be assigned another CCA. They may join the CCA of their choice in the following year if there is vacancy.

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