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The Angklung Ensemble aims to nurture young musicians and seeks to develop good character through engaging experiences in the music.

The Angklung is a Balinese musical instrument which produces a note when shaken. It is made of bamboo and the music can be accompanied with kulintangs.

In the Angklung Ensemble, our pupils are exposed to a wide repertoire of music, both the traditional and the contemporary form. Our pupils demonstrate responsibility in taking good care and maintenance of their instruments. They show resilience while preparing for a performance, culminating in a harmonious performance on stage. Members have opportunities to develop their leadership potential and self-confidence.

Our young musicians have achieved outstanding achievements in Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation and have participated public performances, contributing to the community.


Mr Tan Weida –

Mrs Florence Mao –

Mrs Karen Leong –


Tuesdays, 8.00am to 9.30am, Angklung room (lvl 1)


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