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In Yuhua Primary School, the primary aim of the Mathematics curriculum is to develop students’ numeracy, thinking, reasoning, application skills and problem solving skills. It is also our aim for the pupils to acquire the necessary Mathematical concepts and skills for everyday life, develop the necessary process skills for the acquisition and application of Mathematical concepts and skills and to build confidence and foster interest in mathematics. Most importantly, we would like our pupils to appreciate the value of mathematics in making choices and decisions in life.

Our Mathematics lessons and programmes focus on rich constructed experiential learning of math concepts and creating opportunities for pupils to develop 21st competencies, promoting self –directed and collaborative learning through ICT –based lessons and citizenship and character development (CCE).

We believe that every child is unique and we use a repertoire of problem solving strategies and approaches to help each child learn best to his or her ability.



LSM Programme

The learning support for Math (LSM) programme caters to the learning of some identified P1 and P2 pupils.

  • Math Clinic
    P6 Pupils who are not strong in math are coached by teachers. This activity takes place every morning from 7.00am to 7.15 am. Worksheets are specially tailored to meet the needs of these pupils.
  • In House Intensive Math for “low achieving pupils” from P6S and P6F classes for extra classes. This programme is run once a week, every Wednesday.
  • ACE in Math Programmes
    Pupils who are stronger in math are carefully identified for this programme. These pupils are exposed to higher order non- routine problems . Equipped with these skills, they represent school to take part in national competitions such as RI Word Math Contest and Singapore Math Olympaid Competitions(SMOPS).
  • Math Seminar For Parents
    The department runs a math seminar for parents in Term 2, once a year. This seminar aims to raise parents’ awareness in the current practices of math as well as equip them with the strategies in the solving of word problems.

All the learning sessions are facilitated by our math teachers.

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