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Chinese Department


The Mother Tongue Department (Chinese Language) seeks to provide a linguistically exciting, culturally vibrant and morally positive environment for our pupils. Besides aiming to achieve academic excellence, the department also incorporate initiatives and programme to help to develop our pupils to communicate effectively and confidently in Mother Tongue Language. In addition, customised programme and activities are catered for the pupils to understand and appreciate the beauty of their Mother Tongue Language and its cultures and traditions.


Buddy Reading Programme
A Buddy Reading programme is in place for pupils for all levels. Selected pupils are invited to take part in this programme. They will partner another pupil, who will guide them in character recognition and reading. This programme runs twice weekly.

Reading programme
We expose our pupils to different genres of reading materials. Pupils are subscribed to weekly reading material cater to their level. The activities and exercises are structured and designed to the content of the curriculum, which are frequently carried out and discussed in class. Pupils are encourage to participate actively in the Reading Fiesta activities. This month long activity intrigue their interest in reading as well as to develop their artistic and writing skill through designing 3D cover page for books, writing journals and many more interesting hand-on activities. ‘I Read’ programme is structured to conduct weekly for pupils and teachers to read and share good books together. It is to build a good life-long reading habit.

Hanyu Pinyin Clinic
A programme to help the P1 and P2 pupils to have a good grasp of Hanyu Pinyin so that they can use it as a tool to learn the Chinese Language


Mother Tongue Fortnight

To provide a culturally vibrant learning environment, there are various level and school-wide activities which expose our pupils to the Chinese Culture and richness of the language. It includes Chinese calligraphy and painting, cultural camps, storytelling and cultural performance.

Assessment Matters

We focus on four main core skills, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Listening and Speaking Skills
In the listening skills component, pupils will be trained to listen and understand texts from different genres such as short stories, novels and poetry and be able to respond to questions based on the texts. The Speaking Skills component trains pupils to be able to communicate in clearly and fluently using Standard Chinese Language. Pupils are also engaged in interactive conversation activities so as to respond to questions, participate in discussion, and develop others’ ideas. There are Show And Tell assessments for the P1 to P3 level to develop their confident in develop discussion and speak effectively on a given topic.

Reading and Writing skills
Reading skills include the ability to read texts from different genres with understanding and to respond appropriately. Our Composition writing package are specially developed for pupils from P2 to P5 aims to help pupils to write different texts confidently. We also focus on developing the interactive writing skills of our pupils to write for a specific purpose and audience.


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