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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)


Programme for Active Learning (PAL) is a part of the Primary 1 and 2 curriculum in the school. The programme aims to provide broad exposure through fun and varied activities in Sports and Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts, facilitate well-rounded development of pupils in the 5 learning domains – cognitive, moral, social, aesthetics, physical, and provide myriad opportunities for pupils to develop social emotional competencies. Pupils attend PAL lessons once a week during curriculum hours.

PAL Music and Dance Programme (P1 & P2)

During the PAL Music Programme, our pupils explore and engage in different types of music and dance activities and experience the joy of listening, performing and creating music and dance.

PAL Music Programme for Primary 1 focuses on the theme ‘Our World – Animals’. It is specially aligned to P1 Stellar Programme to integrate the learning of different subjects. P1 pupils acquire an understanding of the basic elements of music and movement.

PAL Music Programme for Primary 2 focuses on the theme ‘Our world – People, Our Friends’. It is also specially aligned to P2 Stellar Programme. Pupils learn about both local ethnic music and dance. They are also introduced to the cultural diversity of Singapore. This helps the pupils to build understanding and respect for people from different ethnic groups and appreciate the rich cultural diversity of Singapore. Through this programme, pupils also have hands-on experience with different types of instruments and are given the opportunity to create a simple dance routine.

PAL Art Programme (P1)
During the PAL Art Programme, our pupils develop their creativity and imagination through constructive imaginative activities and express themselves through art.

PAL Art Programme for Primary 1 focuses on cartooning and doodling. The theme, Animals@Play, aims to heighten an awareness of the environment and the importance of wildlife conservation in our pupils. They also create craftwork from recycled materials and work in teams on a mini group project.

PAL Sports Programme (P2)
Primary 2 pupils are engaged in a variety of fundamental motor skills and movements that are relevant to the different sports. They also learn non-sports specific skills such as throwing, catching and kicking. Pupils also explore and play with balloons, hoops, ribbons and a variety of balls for fun and enjoyment while learning the motor skills and movements.

PAL Outdoor Education Programme (P1 and P2)
The “Kids for Nature” programme is designed to equip children with relevant skills and knowledge to be safe and comfortable in the outdoors; and to cultivate a sense of ownership and care for the environment.

The highlight of the programme is an outing to The Singapore Botanical Gardens where the pupils are involved in activities which incorporate some of the knowledge and skills learned in the module. They learn to use basic orienteering skills when exploring the colourful world of fauna and flora in the Botanical Gardens.



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