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School Crest

school-logoThe school crest was introduced in 2002, following the school merger with Yuqun Primary School. It is designed using the school colours of blue and red. Blue signifies depth, breadth and stability of mind, while red signifies passion, affection and emotions of heart.

In the school crest, a light bulb with its filament in the shape of a heart is embedded in an arrangement puzzle. The light bulb represents ‘mind’ and the work of the school to nurture Yuhualites to be learners, thinkers and innovators. The filament of the bulb signifies ‘heart’, depicting the school vision’s for Yuhualites to be people who care, share and contributes. Together, these aspects of the crest symbolizes the school mission “Growing Our Hearts and Minds”.

The arrangement puzzle symbolises a challenging and interesting school life, one that’s full of potential. It speaks of the school’s believe that every child can learn. Each Yuhualite enters the school with his or her unique strengths, talents and hopes. The school provides the nurturing and conducive learning environment to support each child in his or her self-discovery and growth. The arrangement is not complete until the ‘final piece’ of the puzzle is put down at the end of a pupil’s six meaning and purposeful years in Yuhua Primary School.

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