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House System


The objectives of the House system are:

  • Bring Yuhualites of different levels and streams together to foster team spirit and bonding;
  • Imbue in Yuhualites a sense of loyalty and belonging to the group, cutting across ethnic and ability lines;
  • Develop leadership skills in Yuhualites; and
  • Provide platforms for mass participation and interaction.

The school organises Yuhualites into 5 houses. They are named using five of the the six school values (R3ICH) and each house has a colour assigned to it. These colours and values are what Yuhualites wear on their PE T-shirts. 

  • Responsible Learners (Red)
  • Respectful Communicators (Orange)
  • Resilient Creators (Blue)
  • Caring Innovator (Yellow)
  • Harmonious Contributors (Green)

Pupils are assigned to the Houses upon their admission to the school and they will remain as members of their Houses til they graduate from the school. All members of the staff are also assigned to Houses, with an appointed House Master/Mistress leading the House in the various school events and activities held throughout an academic year, assisted by the Assistant House Master/Mistress.

Pupil leaders are appointed by House Masters to assist in the communication and dissemination of information and to lead their fellow House-mates in House activities. These pupil leaders are called House Captains and Assistant House Captains.

Throughout the school year, there are many occasions where Yuhualites will assume their House identities and participate in activities, representing their houses. Such platforms include Annual Athletic Meet, Lower Primary Games, Inter-House Games, as well as the 4 NE core events of Total defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day.

A ‘Champion House’ is determined at the end of each year by summing up the points Yuhualites have earned for their Houses when they participated in the various activities.

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