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One of the many formal platforms to equip pupils with social and emotional competencies is through FTGP lessons. It also aims to provide quality interaction time between form teachers and pupils through the activities. During FTGP, form teachers will deliver social and emotional learning (SEL) lessons using lesson plans that have been developed based on an SEL Programme for Explicit Teaching of SE competencies which sees to the developmental needs of pupils in SEL.


Values and SE skills are explicitly taught during Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) and Form Teacher Time (FTT). Awesome Character-building time (ACE) consists of FTGP and FTT.
FTT is created at the start of the year, on the first day of Term 3 and last day of school. The package is created in-house, according to the needs identified for each level. The orientation activities include lessons to understand the National anthem and pledge, school’s vision and mission, school and class rules, positive affirmations, stories and pupil leadership training. The other lessons address issues such as transition from holidays to school and emotional and mental health. The school also collects pupils’ voices and evaluation to gather their feedback about their well-being. In addition, form teachers bond with pupils during interaction activities.


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