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Social Studies

Socially responsible citizens feel a sense of belonging to Singapore through knowing and loving Singapore and seeing beyond their personal interests in order to care for their family and community. Through SS, pupils will have the opportunities to learn about issues which concern their lives, nurturing them to be informed, concerned and active citizens. These lessons, which involves moral knowing and moral feeling, contribute to the citizenship development of every pupil. Learning outcomes are defined for each level of pupils.

Clusters of Study Inquiry
Discovering Self and Immediate Environment
Primary 1 Knowing Myself, Others and My Surroundings Who am I in relation to the people and places around me?
Primary 2 Coming Together as a Nation What unites us as a people of Singapore?
Understanding Singapore in the Past and Present
Primary 3 Understanding Singapore How do we appreciate the country we live in?
Primary 4 Valuing Our Past How is life in Singapore today shaped by what happened in the past?
Appreciating the World and Region We Live In
Primary 5 Appreciating the World How have the legacies of the world impacted our lives today?
Primary 6 Discovering Southeast Asia How is Southeast Asia important to Singapore?

The P3 to 6 pupils embark on learning journeys to NEWater Centre, Chinatown, and the National Education show. Learning Journeys provide educational experiences and opportunities for pupils to visit heritage sites and national institutions to sensitise them to the challenges Singapore faced in the past and how, as a country, we have progressed and attained success through the years. They instil in them pride in Singapore’s achievements and build their confidence in their future, as well as nurture a sense of belonging to Singapore. Importantly, these learning journeys challenge them to contribute to the future of Singapore.

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