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Pupil Leadership Development


PINNACLE is the acryom for Programme for INspiring & Nurturing Active Confident LEaders. Each pupil leader possesses a unique talent and has the ability to learn and achieve. In line with our school mission that every pupil can grow with a humble heart and an open mind, we want to maximise our pupil leaders’ potential to become role models who are confident in communicating new ideas and blazing new trails.

Thus, the school believes that with a customized programme to maximise their potential, they can become role models in class, CCA, all other aspects of school life and outside school as well. These pupils will be exemplary in their behaviour and leadership skills and can, henceforth influence their fellow peers through their actions.

The Milestone programme will include leadership skills training such as teamwork, communications, decision making, conflict management and engaging others.

The school believes that after going through skills training, there is a need to create platforms for pupil leaders to show their understanding of the skills taught.  Thus, in the enhanced leadership programme, there will be developmental opportunities for pupil leaders to explicitly demonstrate the skills they have learnt. In addition, pupil leaders will also maintain a PINNACLE portfolio to monitor their leadership developmental process. This portfolio can include any documentation that can depict a pupil leader’s learning process such as reflections, self/peer/teacher assessment, letters/notes of appreciation, etc. The main objective is for every pupil leader to know how they are developing as pupil leaders and how they can better themselves with the help of their peers and teachers. With the milestone programme and enhanced leadership programme in place, the school believes that every pupil leader can and will develop leadership skills such as teamwork, communications, decision making, conflict management and engaging others. The school aspires to help develop every pupil leader to become pupil leaders who can lead with a humble heart and an open mind.

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